Team DRO

Frank Auippa.jpg

Frank Aiuppa, MO

James Ball.jpg

Photo to Come

James Ball, KS

Michael Baker, MO

Remington Shooting.jpg

Remington Boyer, MO

Jerika Branson, MO

Mirandah Branson, MO

AAron Bryan-GAS.jpg
Jaron Bussard-2.jpg
Ellen Cameron-Rice_edited.jpg

AAron Bryan, MO

Jaron Bussard, MO

Ellen Cameron-Rice, MO

Kevin Dukes.jpg

Kevin Dukes, FL

Jason Dickey, MO

Amy Francka.jpg

Amy Francka, MO

Jason Dickey, MO

Trisha Gibson.jpg

Trisha Gibson, FL

Jason Goedken.jpg

Jason Goedken, IA


Dalton Hammerstad, WI

CAM Hannah Win_edited.jpg
Julie Griggs.jpg

Julie Griggs, MO

Cody Hemeyer 2nd Place_edited_edited.jpg

Cody Hemeyer, MO

Justin Hannah, NC

Hunter Hogan.jpg

Photo to Come

Wyatt Humble.jpg

Hunter Hogan, MO

Weston Humble, MO

Wyatt Humble, MO

Photo to Come

Photo to Come

Wes Kinder.jpg

Gary Kadar, MO

Gary Kadar III, MO

Wes Kinder, MO

Robert May.jpg

Robert May, MO

Stewart M.jpg

Stewart McCollum, MO

Hope McCool.jpg

Hope McCool, MO


Chad Millam, MO

Matt Pollock.jpg

Photo to Come

Jeff Raney.jpg

Matt Pollock, OH

Jeff Raney, KS

Mark Rarrick, MO


Photo to Come

Jessy Rodgers Win_edited.jpg

Steve Roberts, MO

Jessy Rodgers, MO

Greg Scott.jpg

Photo to Come

Photo to Come

Greg Scott, Australia

Aaron Shaw, MO

Shane Siers, FL

Mike Smith.jpg
Josh Trolinger.jpg

Mike Smith, MO

Josh Trolinger, MO

Kyle VanKirk.jpg

Kyle VanKirk, MO

Photo to Come

Photo to Come

Toby Willcockson.jpg

David Vestal, MO

Joe Vestal, MO

Toby Willcockson, MO

Photo to Come

Darryell Zittle, MO

More pics being added as they are received...don't feel left out if you're not on here!