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Hello fellow shooters!  

After 20 years in optics and nearly 20 years away from archery, I decided to get back to shooting and combine the two.  Having loved shooting 3D in the past, I got hooked on the indoor aspect as well.  It was then that I realized how crucial a role lenses can play.  We provide shooters with another option to shoot a premium quality lens at a pretty great price.  Whether you're a Pro or just getting things figured out, we can set you up with the right lens.  For our premium product, we utilize a Zeiss composite lens material with their DuraVision©Platinum hydrophobic/oleophobic anti-reflective coating.  Additionally, we offer a high-grade poly lens with a great hydrophobic anti-reflective coating and have center drill/fiber options.  

Thank you and SHOOT STRAIGHT!

Rob Shelton

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