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Raney and Hannah.jpg

Jeff Raney came away with his first ASA Pro win at the ASA Classic.  He entered the Shootdown in 3rd, but shot his way to the top.  Fellow DRO shooter, Justin Hannah, finished 2nd and also took 3rd in Shooter of the Year.  These guys also podiumed together in London when Hannah took the top spot and Raney finished 3rd in his first Pro podium.

Remington ROY.jpg

Remington Boyer took home the Known Pro Rookie of the Year at the ASA Classic.  He also finished 4th in Shooter of the Year standings.  He's gonna continue to be fun to watch.

Wes Kinder came away with the win in K50 at the ASA Classic.  He dominated the class a few years back, but recently took some time away from competing.  Wes came back with a vengeance this year.  Along with the win, he also finished 2nd for Shooter of the Year.  


Jessy Rodgers has been the podium queen this year!  She stood on 4 of 6 podiums with two wins and two 2nd place finishes.  The Classic saw her grab 2nd for the tournament and 2nd for Shooter of the Year.  

Aschemann and TC.jpg

Aaron Aschemann had himself a weekend at the ASA Classic.  He turned in a 32-up performance in the open 40 class taking the win.  That is a stout score for unknown yardage.  In addition, he finished 2nd for Shooter of the Year.

T.C. McCarter also put in a good weekend of shooting, taking 2nd place.  That wasn't all, he also finished 3rd for Shooter of the Year.  

I shot around/among these guys all season personally and am very privileged to know 'em.

Jessy Rodgers Cullman Win_edited.jpg

Jessy Rodgers returned to the podium once again in Cullman.  She grabbed the 2nd place spot, tying Hannah Moose for score, but had a few less bonus rings.  It will be an interesting finish for Shooter of the Year in this class!

Justin Hannah Cullman 3rd.jpg

Justin Hannah put the hurt on some 12 rings in Cullman.  Day 1 saw him post a 36-up...for those new to this, that means he only missed 2 bonus rings all day.  An awesome feat, even for these guys.  He came into the shootdown at 56-up and finished in the 3rd spot.  

Remington Boyer 3rd Metropolis_edited.jpg

Remington Boyer, no stranger to the podium, took 3rd for Known Pro at the Mathews ASA Pro-Am in Metropolis, IL.  He entered the shootdown in 5th, but shot his way to the podium in true Boyer fashion with a 14 on a long the wind.

Gary Kadar 2nd Place_edited.jpg

Gary Kadar grabbed 2nd for Men's K45 at the Mathews ASA Pro-Am in Metropolis, IL.  He finished with a 448 and just missed tying for 1st by one bonus ring.  I shoot with Gary now and then locally, and he can put on a display.

Aaron Shaw win_edited.jpg
Cody Hemeyer 2nd Place_edited.jpg

Cody Hemeyer finished 2nd in Men's K50 at the Mathews ASA Pro-Am in Metropolis, IL.  This guy has some game...look for him to hit the Pro ranks soon.

Jessy Rodgers Win_edited.jpg

Jessy Rodgers came away with her 2nd win of the season for Women's K45 at the Mathews ASA Pro-Am in Metropolis, IL.  She is on a tear this year and does not look to take her foot off the gas!

Aaron Shaw, pictured with ASA President Mike Tyrell, had himself a good time at the Mathews ASA Pro-Am in Metropolis, IL.  He tied for 1st on score and bonus rings in the Young Adult Open Male class.  This is one of the classes that is packed full of archery talent and where future Pros cut their teeth.  Aaron has the ability to take his archery game wherever he wants.  His name will be seen more often in the near future.

Hannah-Raney Podium.jpeg

Justin Hannah owned the always harsh London courses all weekend and stayed on top to make it back to back wins for this tournament.

Jeff Raney had himself a great weekend as well.  He made it to the Shootdown in the 5th spot, but shot his way into 3rd for his first Pro ASA podium.  

Both shooters relied on their Define™ lenses to get it done.

Congrats, fellas!

Remington Podium-1.jpg

Remington Boyer made the jump to Known Pro in the ASA this year.  In his first Pro shoot, he made the Shootdown but finished shy of the podium.  In his second Pro ASA shoot, he lead the way into the Shootdown.  He continued his dominance as he edged out the always dangerous Chris Perkins to take his first Pro win in Paris, TX.  Remington has quickly become the guy to watch in the Known Pro ranks.  The accomplishments he's made in just his first showings as a Pro are nothing but amazing.  Adding to that, he is only 19 years old.  Many more podiums await Remington and look forward to see what more he can accomplish.  He chooses our Define™ lens.

Jason Dickey 3.jpeg
Jason Dickey 1.jpeg
Jason Dickey 2.jpeg

ASA Mens Open Pro, Jason Dickey, had an absolutely impressive weekend at the Classic in Metropolis, IL.  He put in 2 solid rounds to land himself in the mix at the Pro Shoot down.  Jason was not done yet.  In the Shoot down, he began pounding bonus rings, especially on a bomb of a javelina.  That performance solidified his spot upon the podium 2nd only to Dan McCarthy by a narrow 3 points.  

Jason shoots our Define™ premium lens and seems to be having fun doing it!

Hopper Xiong Setup.jpeg

Hopper Xiong's CBE setup with our Center Punch drilled fiber/dot lens.  He is loving it!

Braden Cravens Vegas.jpeg

Brayden Cravens put in a 300 21x at The Vegas Shoot using our premium Define lens.  

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